GigaMux 6000

Sorrento Network’s DC Class Ethernet Switching Solution


  • GigaMux 6000 is Sorrento Network’s family of DC class Ethernet switching systems. It combines Ethernet with our optical fibre expertise by using wavelength division multiplexing and provision of advanced network topologies such as ring and leaf protection. This combines with carrier-grade hardware and the provision of dual power supplies and SNMP network management.
  • It can be used in either shared or direct fibre networks
  • Wide range of service rates – sub-100Mb/s to 10Gb/s and up
  • Uplink connections at 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s

Sorrento Networks’ GigaMux 6000 family provides Ethernet-based service aggregation to create a carrier class backhaul network for EPON/GPON access services, or to provide the basis of direct Ethernet service delivery.

GigaMux 6000 Chassis: Multiple 10G fibre downlink ports with 40/100Gb uplink

Enterprise services: GigaMux 6000 is used to provide Ethernet-based leased line style services. These may be delivered using direct fibre, or using fibre as shared infrastructure via DWDM technology with other Ethernet services.

GigaMux 6000 Ethernet leased lines may also be used in conjunction with EPON or GPON fibre networks using Sorrento Network’s innovative DWDM-on-PON technology solution. All of these services may be delivered on the same fibre at the same time.

Typical GigaMux 6000 Deployment

Typical GigaMux 6000 based DC Grade Ethernet on WDM Aggregating backhaul ring

Typical GigaMux 6000 based DC Grade Ethernet Virtual Fibre Delivery

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“This empowers VTG to offer 99.9999% availability so not only are they offering customers the bandwidth they require but also the maximum uptime with minimal latency.”

Case Study: VTG Chooses Sorrento to Build Secure Ultra-Low Latency Network

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